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Are you facing immigration troubles in Anaheim? Whether or not you’re applying for a visa, need to gain citizenship, or are facing deportation, Brudner Law is here for you.

Anaheim’s Interesting History

Anaheim is a beautiful city with a lot of interesting history:

  • Anaheim means home by the river; “heim” is the German term for home, and “Ana” refers to the Santa Ana River.
  • Anaheim was the first city of Orange County.
  • The Angel’s baseball stadium is the fourth oldest active one of its kind.
  • Disneyland is the top employer in Anaheim.

Clients of Brudner Law

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Our Areas of Expertise

Immigration problems can be difficult to solve; let Anaheim’s leading immigration experts help you with your troubles, like:

  • Deportation proceedings.
  • Waivers and appeals.
  • Visas.
  • Naturalization and citizenship.
  • Family immigration.
  • Business Immigration.

Anaheim’s Immigration Experts

Yael Brudner founded Brudner Law and has practiced immigration law in Anaheim since 2008. She is a member of the California Bar Association and knows immigration law inside and out.

Brudner Law knows how important the outcome of an immigration case is, which is why they will work relentlessly for you.

Why Choose Brudner Law?

Yael Brudner is a leading expert when it comes to immigration law. She is an American Immigration Lawyers Association member and was a volunteer for the Citizenship Clinic.

She understands the immigration process on both a personal and professional level; Yael knows the importance of your immigration case because her family came to the US as immigrants

Yael Brudner knows what strategies work and how to get the best chances of the outcome you are looking for.

Do you need help with your immigration case? Contact Brudner Law today to schedule a consultation.


Do I need an immigration attorney?

Rather than trying to handle these proceedings on your own, working with a team of successful immigration attorneys can help your chances and give you a better understanding of what is happening.

Can Brudner Law help me?

We are always happy to help answer your immigration law questions, reach out to our office, and speak with one of our experts today.


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