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Immigrating to the U.S. and becoming a permanent resident or U.S. citizen can offer many opportunities. But it often means that you are far from your loved ones who remain in your home country. One of the largest benefits of becoming a U.S. citizen, or in some instances, a permanent
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Permanent residency is forever, right?  Yes, but even though you have the right to live in the U.S. permanently, your Green Card itself is not permanent.  You must renew it every ten years.  Fortunately, the process of renewing a Green Card is much more straightforward than the process you went
Can you be a citizen of two countries at once?  For some people, the answer is yes!  Maybe you were born in another country but have become a naturalized U.S. citizen.  Or perhaps you were born in the U.S., but your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents were from another country and
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You are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who has fallen in love and gotten married. But there is a catch – your spouse is undocumented. A common misconception is that it is easy to fix your spouse’s status because you are a citizen or permanent resident.   Unfortunately, the process
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What is the Typical Wait Time in Receiving my Green Card? If you have a pending Green Card application, either an I-130 ( Petition for Alien Relative) or an I-140 (Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers), one of the most pressing questions you most likely have is- how long will the

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