Work Authorization in the U.S To be legally able to work in the United States, you are required to have advance permission to work either under the terms and conditions of your visa and/or status, or by obtaining a work permit. Working without authorization could lead to severe consequences What
How to petition a family member abroad for a green card.
Who does this apply to?  If you are a U.S citizen, or a lawful permanent resident and you have a relative that lives in a different country, you can petition for your relative to become a lawful permanent resident (or a “green card” holder) in the U.S. The process of
Get a FREE Copy of the E-2 Visa Guide! If you are thinking about living and working in the U.S, the E-2 investor visa is the best option available right now! Most recently, there has been a suspension on individuals eligible to enter as nonimmigrants professionals on H1B visas, Intracompany
When you are considering an application for naturalization in the United States, you should discuss how the entire process works with an experienced citizenship lawyer in Orange County. Your attorney should explain what to expect, including how long the process may take. The length of the citizenship application process will
Getting your green card to become a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. is an important moment for many immigrants. However, many people who plan on living in the United States indefinitely may want to take a further step and apply for U.S. citizenship. Naturalization can be a proud moment,

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