We get this question a lot! This is a common question that immigrationlawyers in Orange County hear from permanent residents – how long until you canapply for U.S. citizenship? While there is a general timeline set out by law,like so many other immigration matters, there are also many exceptions to
U.S Citizenship
An in-person interview with USCIS regarding your eligibility for a green card can be an intimidating experience. Moreover, saying the wrong thing can delay the process or result in a denial of your green card altogether. Many people think they should save on legal fees by attending the green card
One of the requirements to apply for U.S. citizenship is that you must be at least 18 years old. This means that adults may qualify for naturalization, but their minor children will not. What happens to your minor child’s immigration status if you obtain citizenship? You should discuss your specific
Many United States citizens have parents who live in foreign countries, and they want to unite the family in the U.S. There is a specific immigration process to petition the government to allow your parents to join you here, though it is not always an easy one. You should discuss

What is the Fiancé Visa (K1 Visa)?

Many United States citizens wish to marry foreign nationals and live together in the U.S. However, it is imperative thatyou follow the appropriate immigration protocol in this situation. The U.S.government allows you to petition for a “fiancé” visa, officially called the K-1 Visa. The K-1 Visa gives a foreign fiancé

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