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The immigration system is complex and confusing, and it only makes it more complicated when policies keep changing. The following are some frequently asked questions about immigration in the U.S. If you want to talk about your specific situation, do not hesitate to contact an immigration lawyer in Orange County directly.

How Can You Obtain a Family-Based Green Card?

Many people are able to obtain green cards because they have family members who are citizens or green card-holders who petition USCIS for their entry. If you want to sponsor a family member for a visa and, eventually, a green card, you need to submit the proper application and then, there will likely be a waiting period. There are specific rules regarding what types of family members you can sponsor and to be eligible to sponsor, you need to comply with certain financial obligations (or have a joint sponsor willing to join the petition).

What if You Want to Continue Working in the U.S. Indefinitely?

If you and your family members obtained visas that allowed you to work (and live) in the U.S., you may decide that you want to adjust your status to become a permanent resident. There are different ways to obtain employment-based green cards, and you should discuss your options based on your circumstances with an experienced attorney.

Is it Possible to Become a U.S. Citizen?

There is a specific process to apply for U.S Citizenship. The process begins with filing an application for Naturalization with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Generally, you must first hold a green card for at least five years, as well as meet other criteria. If you have been married to a U.S citizen for the last 3 years, you might be eligible to file for naturalization after 3 years.  If you are approaching the three/ five-year mark as a lawful permanent resident, consult with an Orange County immigration attorney to see if you can begin the citizenship application process.

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