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If you successfully navigated the U.S. immigration system and became a permanent resident or citizen, you may want your loved ones to join you as soon as possible in the American Dream. While some immigration officials will claim the system is committed to family unity, the USCIS and visa petition process in Orange County is complicated and confusing, making it difficult for some family members to succeed in being together. If you would like to discuss your family immigration options, please contact Brudner Law today to learn more about Yael Brudner, an Orange County family immigration lawyer.

We can help you answer numerous questions, including:

  • Who should sponsor a relative?
  • Which relatives can you sponsor?
  • Do nationals of certain countries have priority over others?
  • How long will your family member have to wait for a visa?

The immigration system involves many preferences, which places certain relatives ahead of others in the long visa line. For example, permanent residents may only sponsor spouses or children, and the wait can be long. U.S. citizens can sponsor a wider variety of relatives, and the process can be quicker. Some people may want to wait until they become citizens to even begin the process, though we know this is not always an option.

Yael Brudner, a Irvine family immigration lawyer can help with several family immigration matters, including:

  • Evaluating eligibility
  • Filing visa petitions with USCIS
  • Provide necessary sponsorship and support documentation
  • Assist with every step until your relative arrives in the U.S. and receives their permanent resident card

Find Out How an Orange County Immigration Lawyer Can Assist You

At Brudner Law in Irvine, we specialize in USCIS and visa petition services and we know how important it is to have families together. We also know the immigration process can be complex, long, and unforgiving, and we regularly help family members sponsor others to come join them in the U.S. Leave us an online message or call 714.794.9366 for more information about our Irvine family immigration lawyer today.


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