What to Expect At Your Citizenship Interview?

Be Prepared to Answer Questions about Your Green Card.

An essential part of the process of gaining U.S. citizenship is the citizenship interview. You will have to sit down with an officer from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) who will ask you a number of questions. These questions help to determine your eligibility for citizenship in a variety of ways. An experienced immigration lawyer in Orange County can advise you of common questions and help prepare you for the interview.

What to watch out for…

among immigration officials is to ask applicants details about how they
obtained their green cards. Officers are seeking any information that may
indicate that someone obtained a green card illegally, which would then
disqualify them from citizenship, and it may lead to removal or deportation
proceedings. It is absolutely critical that you are ready to accurately answer
questions about the process of getting your green card.

Some unlawful ways to obtain a green card can

  • Forging documents or giving
    fraudulent information on your application
  • Faking an engagement or marriage

Be prepared to answer questions about your personal documents and the answers on your green card application. This application occurred more than five years ago, so it may be difficult to recall specific details if you are not prepared. Not knowing the answers, however, can also raise suspicions for the officer. If you received a green card based on your marriage, you should be ready with dates and details about how you met to prove your relationship is legitimate and that your green card is valid. If you were petition by an Employer, be prepared to submit proof that you worked for that employer after you received your green card. 

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