siblings celebrating their green cards
Over 732,000 family members are approved for a family green card each year. And while there isn’t a limit to how many green cards the U.S. government will issue for siblings of U.S. citizens, it often takes up to a year for your sibling to receive their green card after
Someone getting a green card application approved
If you’re one of the millions who possess a green card, you’re likely enjoying the benefits of your immigration status. However, there’s probably an annoying, nagging thought in the back of your head asking, Is your green card expiring soon?  Sadly, there’s a good reason you’re asking this. The green
Man counting out money for a green card

How Much Is a Green Card?

Yearly, around 500,000 individuals come to the resolution of immigrating to the United States with a green card. The process involves intricate legal procedures and official documentation for their dreams to become a reality. The other 500,000 already live in the United States, but change their filing status to get
New Citizens Sitting With Small American Flags
If you’re contemplating a move to the United States, acquiring a Green Card is crucial to achieving your goals. A Green Card allows you to lay down permanent roots in the US, where you can live and work to your heart’s desire. However, the benefits of being a Green Card
Vawa victim

VAWA Processing Time – Is It Worth it?

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) provides a lawful immigration route for victims of domestic abuse or cruelty without relying on their abusers to file immigration paperwork for them to obtain lawful status. This Act was enacted in 1994s, and it has helped thousands of individuals. VAWA has changed how

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