Vawa victim

VAWA Processing Time – Is It Worth it?

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) provides a lawful immigration route for victims of domestic abuse or cruelty without relying on their abusers to file immigration paperwork for them to obtain lawful status. This Act was enacted in 1994s, and it has helped thousands of individuals. VAWA has changed how
U visa victim

U-Visa Qualifying Crimes

The United States allows immigrants who are victims of certain serious crimes to apply for a U-Visa. The U Visa provides a protection from deportation and work permit. It was created in 2000 as part of a bill that allows immigrants to testify against criminals without being deported. Find out
Two women at a citizenship interview

What to Wear For the Citizenship Interview

The process of obtaining US citizenship can be long and confusing; there are various paths you can take, and each one has different requirements. However, most of those paths require you to attend an in-person interview with a United States Citizenship and Immigration Service—USCIS—officer, which brings a question to mind
A man walking in front of the world’s flags

Advantages of Dual Citizenship

If a person has dual citizenship, they are citizens of two countries simultaneously. However, it’s a complex legal status that comes with some advantages and disadvantages. We’ll discuss these benefits and challenges, how you can become a dual citizen in the US, and more—keep reading to learn all about dual
Young person walking in airport

What Is An F1 Visa And How Does It Work?

Foreign students who wish to enroll in an educational institution in the United States must get what is known as an F-1 student visa. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is in charge of the F-1 visa program (USCIS). You need to be enrolled in a school in the US to

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