Two parents happy to get their green cards
US citizens 21 or older can apply to get their parents a green card, making them lawful permanent residents in the US. There’s no limit regarding how many parent green cards the USCIS can issue each year, and the process takes around 12 -18 months. We’ll cover how to get
A man and woman shaking hands after an interview

Do You Need an Attorney at Your Green Card Interview?

Your green card interview is the final step of the process after filing all of your paperwork and waiting months to get your green card — for many people,  it’s an intimidating experience.  Missing the required documentation or saying the wrong thing can delay the entire process or result in
A couple talking with an immigration lawyer about adjustment of status procedures.
There are a variety of pathways that people can take when immigrating to the United States through lawful means, two of which include “consular processing” and “adjustment of status.” Eligible foreign citizens may have the opportunity to leverage one or both of these methods to apply for a green card
Two people signing legal documents.
There is a variable mountain of documents that people have to fill out when legally immigrating to the United States, or helping another person immigrate, whether they be a spouse, child, parent, or employee. Below, our team of immigration law experts at Brudner Law will explore the meaning and importance
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The process of petitioning for any visa or green card is complicated and requires people to navigate a wide assortment of steps for their application to have a decent chance of receiving approval from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). When it comes to a petition for a spouse’s

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