Do You Need an Attorney at Your Green Card Interview?

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An in-person interview with USCIS regarding your eligibility for a green card can be an intimidating experience. Moreover, saying the wrong thing can delay the process or result in a denial of your green card altogether. Many people think they should save on legal fees by attending the green card interview without representation. However, doing so can often result in more problems and more costs down the line. It is always wise to hire an immigration lawyer in Orange County to represent you at your interview.

What Does an Attorney Do For You?

Each situation is different, but there are several things that immigration lawyers can do before, during, and after your interview:

  • Preparing you for what to expect during the interview process, including hypothetical questions
  • Ensuring you have all required documents in order
  • Clarifying certain questions the officer asks in the interview
  • Addressing any misunderstandings or mistakes in prior documents you filed on your own
  • Making sure the immigration officer is following proper protocol, including asking only relevant questions and not mistreating you in any way
  • Preventing you from saying anything or acting in a manner that may hurt your case
  • Following up with the immigration officer after the interview
  • Responding to requests from the office for additional documents or evidence
  • Ensuring that your green card and other important immigration documents get delivered to you in a timely manner

While it is never required to have a lawyer, doing so can often ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible and can help to prevent unwanted outcomes or circumstances.

Find Out How an Immigration Lawyer in Orange County Can Help

An Orange County immigration attorney at Brudner Law can stay by your side throughout the green card interview process, advising you every step of the way for the best possible results. Call 714.794.9366 or contact us online to discuss our services today.

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